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Annual Party of 2016
Source:LX Display | Author:LX Display | Publish time: 2017-01-18 | 2367 Views | Share:
On Jan 13rd, 2017, we held the annual party for the celebration of the past fruitful year-2016 and the coming new year-2017.

During 2016, we have made great progress and achievements based on our hard work and responsibility. With 2017 Chinese New Year approaching, we have a amazing party to enjoy this wonderful moment. In the same time, we expect to achieve greater success and create brighter future with our teamwork and passion in the coming ye


In addition to the delicious dinner, we also prepare “Outstanding Staff Award” and the lucky draw for our staff. Our staff enjoy the lucky draw so much that they are very excited and happy from the beginning to the end. Happiness is always very important in our company because we are not only a work team, but also a family. 

Many thanks to our outstanding Suppliers and esteemed Customers and their best wishes for our company!

Many thanks to our management team, they follow the markets trends positively and carefully, guide us with right strategies.

Many thanks to our engineers, they are capable enough to make projects move forward and solve the problems timely. 

Many thanks to our workers of production dep. In 2016, the lcd market is crazy short of lcd panels, but we are able to provide stable supply because of the rich resources, the workers work overtime almost everyday but work positively, because they are also pround of their salary. 

Many thanks to our sales team,  they alway work hard and are always responsilble to the clients and also the company to make more and more business chances. 

Happy New Year in 2017! ALL THE BEST!

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