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Who we are in China?

In Wearable Devices Market, Our 1.54" TFT LCD Modules Rank in Top 3.

It is Lianxun, made the New Mould of 1.54" LCD Panel in 2015, follow closely the requirements and development of Wearable products.

Daily Output as big as 30Kpcs. Until Oct. 2016, Total Output more than 8.5KKpcs.

In Car DVR Market, Our TFT LCD Modules Rank in Top 5.

Compatible Sizes: 2.7", 2.0", 4.3", 5.0"

Since 2014, our 4.3", 5.0" products have been selling to the No.1 famous High-end brand of Chinese Car DVR Brands and Providers.

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