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Shenzhen Lianxun Optronics is one of the leading manufacturer of 1.44inch to 10.1inch TFT LCD Modules home and abroad. We devote to design, manufacture of High quality LCD Modules. We've received ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2010, and then ISO9001:2015 certificate in 2017. We've received SGS investigation and got approval report in 2017. (for more about the SGS Audit report, please go to the Download area)

We have 4 production lines with output of 850,000pcs TFT LCD Modules/month. All of our products have to get 100% visual and function test before shipment. We've been adhering ISO9001 quality management system strictly. All our products must pass necessary tests, including store and operate in High and Low Temperature, High Humidity Environment, ESD and anti-interference test. Our qualification rage have been always 99.7% or above.

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